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  1. I find this problem cause I'm using MX6 and MX5 portable versions on my Win7-64bit PC together. Today I decide to set MX6 as default browser but later when I click a link on my LINE chat window, it still brings up MX5. I open control panel to check default program, I find the program ID is MX5, there's no MX6 (the one named Maxthon Cloud Browser is MX4, I've tried it already). See my 1st and 2nd screenshots. Then, curiously, I open Windows Firewall and check the setting and find the program ID is MX5, too. But go deeper, I find the program path is 'Maxthon 6' (The path is where I put MX6 portable version, so I know it). See my 3rd and 4th screenshots. I believe your developers never come up with this issue since it's really too deep. I would suggest your developers change the program ID to MX6 ( or MX7, 8, ... , etc. in later versions).
  2. Hello, I am using Maxthon Browser V6.1.2.2800. But I would like to point out a shortcoming until this version. 1- The file disappears after the downloader is running. However, it should always appear in the status bar. 2- If the download is interrupted for any reason, the download does not continue from where it left off. This is the case even with sites that support resume. For example, on youtube. 3- There is no resume icon, only a restart button. 4- In the top menu, it is not seen what percentage the download manager has downloaded. Every time we have to do CTRL+J and open the download manager. 5- All of these printers were in MX 5 and it was very convenient. Thank you for bringing it to the attention of administrators.
  3. Hello, pop-up videos don't work in the latest version ... Thx.
  4. The new version of Maxthon Browser V6.1.2.2800 has been released today. Thanks. Health to your hands. in this version. + Added the download window pop-up option to Download settings + Added "Pin" option to the download manager feature is set, but unfortunately it does not work even though I selected the relevant place from the settings. Download manager still not visible in status bar and disappears. Thank you for your help
  5. I update to .2700 version and three screenshots of web sites in Quickacess page are gone. Refreshing hangs forever. These three websites are trle.net, bghut.com, and boardgamegeeks.com. Thery are okay in .2500 version. Check attached screenshots. Furthermore, While in hanging up status, I click the edit icon and try click color mode radio button or screenshot mode radio button), the save button can'be clicked. Keep trying above actions to and fro, sometimes, don't know what reason, the screenshot is shown suddenly. I believe there are some bugs here.
  6. I find some hotkeys no more exist in MX6, e.g. Alt+z to bring back previously closed tab. Where can I get these missing hotkeys back?
  7. In older version, I can right click on the text box of usename or password and save them, not even needed to click ok button to trigger magic fill (which is an alternative way for me to create a new item in magic fill and can edit it later). Can I do it now in any way? Please see attached screenshots of magic fill in older version. 1st: Right click to bring up save form item. 2nd: Then I open magic fill window manually from setting. 3rd: Without the help of function in 1st screenshot, I can save an item into magic fill manually and use function in 3rd screenshot to edit it. This is always an alternative way for me to add new item in magic fill.
  8. There are once download item in float bar or I can find the download link (file extension is mp4 most of the time) of the video in resource sniffer but now I can't find them both. Are they not implemented yet?
  9. I open debugger mode and check an item in Network tab and click Request Header tab but there's no Host and Origin? I then disable cache and refresh again , I can see Origin now but there's still no Host. Where can I see the Host?
  10. 339 / 5000 Hello I saw with great excitement that the Maxthon V6.1.2.2700 version was released today. Yes, new features have been added, some have been optimized. But unfortunately there is still no "Record video" option in the top right corner of the video. However, I am looking forward to it. BugSir009 said it will be included in the next version, but unfortunately it is not. Thank you.
  11. I have been suffering this crash for at least the last 3 versions of maxthon, hoping that you fix it at some point, but I am tired to see it so reporting it here hopefully you can fix it. Steps to reproduce: 1. Copy an URL. 2. Open Maxnote 3. Select EDIT on any note 4. Paste the URL. 5. Click save. Result: After 1-2 seconds maxthon completely crashes. attach video where you can see it happen (ignore the quicknote)
  12. Maxthon 6 Video top right recording option. When I browsed the forum, many people wanted to have the recording option on the top right of the video on the Mx6. I wrote it 1-2 times, but program developers still ignore it. Is this so hard? That's why I'm still using the Mx5. It shouldn't be difficult to transfer the features of the Mx5 to the MX6. I understand that you are integrating Mx6 into Chrome. Will those who wait like me wait longer? I beg you. Please find a solution. Good work.
  13. I have the problem of not opening Gmail Mail in Maxthon 5. It's so simple, I don't understand why I didn't think of it. When I changed the Mx5 Ultra mode to Retro mode, the gmail box was also opened. Anyone who has had this problem give it a try. Good work to you all.
  14. In olden days of MX 2 / 3 / 4 the password manager had option to edit URL for which the password will be filled. Currently this option is disabled. Also the password manager doesnt take the whole domain into account. It takes into account only domain of second level (domain.tld) and not any of the subdomains (subdomain.domain.tld). On sudomains, it shows passwords for the main domain and for all other subdomains which is realy impractical. So, URLS should be editable in password manager and the password manager should take subdomains into account.
  15. Just curious why? In MX6, it's ok. But in MX5, after posting, we can see the comment on the page. However, if we refresh the Youtube page, the comment will disappear then.
  16. Each time I run MX6, Windows will popup an alert dialog saying running this ap could harm the computer, sorta of things, ... etc and ask me to click a button to run or cancel. May I know why? Does MX6 retrieve and convey something from my computer and pass back some servers?
  17. 1. When I middle-click a link, I like for it to open in a foreground tab. I know about Shift+middle-click opening a link in a new tab in the foreground, however it'd be good if there was an option, so that a middle-click opens the link in the foreground. Otherwise, it'd be good to add 'When you open a link in a new tab, switch to it immediately' option like Firefox. 2. How can I turn off Magic Fill? I don't want to save my passwords and keywords.
  18. I am getting into a bit of a mess as far as my settings are concerned when I update to a new version, be it beta or full. Today I installed v2401 then v2500 into the same location as 2200 hoping to keep my settings and history in a smooth transition from version to version. What happens is that after signing in and syncing most of my stuff, like favorites, start page, and new tab is carried over but extensions are not updated or the unpinning of unwanted things like Maxnote, download manager etc. And then there is History this is never synced as far as I can see and dark mode is never enabled. What is the correct way to update to ensure that nothing is lost and needs reconfiguring again each time. And more importantly how can I recover and combine the disjointed History records into the current browser version to give me one contiguous file. The new Maxthon startup page does not offer the import from other M6 versions.
  19. Hello I'm using Maxthon I'm thinking of switching to Mx 6, but even though I've written here many times, read mode is not set in the new version. When will you put this feature, which is very useful for me and provides me great convenience? That's why I stayed at Mx 5. But now the real problem is this. Since 1 week I have not been able to open my gmail mailbox with Mx5. It says an unsupported browser. I'm pretty sure it's because of maxthon and not gmail. Is it possible for me to handle this without switching to Mx6? Thank you.
  20. I need some space...to move my windows 😁 There is very little space between 'new tab' option and 'customize ui' option. Add more please.
  21. 1. Why each time I run MX6, the system popups a security alert dialog saying:" "Do you still want to execute his program?". What does MX6 do to arouse such security warning? 2. This is actually an MX5+MX6 issue. When I run MX5 (v5.3.8.2000), I post comments on Yotube and they display okay. But if I refresh the pages immedately or close the page and open again, my comments always disappear (even I just type 'test' as contents). I ask this in Youtube forum , they said my posting action has security flaw that Youtube AI detects it and remove my comments. If I do this in MX6, the issue wont' happen. What's wrong with MX5 and why MX6 doesn't have this problem?
  22. Is there a reading mode in this version?
  23. Title suggests all. I open multiple MX windows to keep my workflows separate. The problem is with Restore functionality. All these opened windows have a shared restore list. With this, if I close a tab in one window, it will be appear in other windows' restore list as well. The problem here is it becomes difficult to keep track for my different workflows. Is it possible to have a different restore list for each windows? I do like that we can restore multiple tabs from (accidentally) closed window - keeping this functionality would be great at the same time.
  24. Hello everyone. I've been using Maxthon 5 for almost 3 years now and never had a problem until now. Since yesterday I'm completely unable to sign in to my Google account using Maxthon 5. I get the infamous text: "This browser or app may not be secure. Learn more - Try using a different browser. If you’re already using a supported browser, you can refresh your screen and try again to sign in." Now, the PC runs with Windows XP and that's why I can't update to Maxthon 6. Of course I had to switch to a different web browser, but I was just wondering if maybe there's a way to fix it, a workaround of some sort, maybe someone went through a similar experience. I tried a couple of things that I found online but didn't work. I know it's weird to use Windows XP in 2021. Thanks to whoever might help with this case.
  25. Since Version (64-bit) 0723 (Windows 10) the download manager stills over other windows when I change application focus to another window/application. The solution is go to MX6 window and click on any place on the screen (MX6 window), close the popup for download manager and turn back to the application window (another different from MX6).