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  1. Thx for response. Yeh, lot of sites creating new windows/tabs who nows how (i doubt redirect is right word) and bypassing everything that is supposed to prevent it (and some of them have enough insolence to show js popup "please wait" afterwards), thats why i was convinced hooking to browser events would be most solid way to do this if would api allowed that. I will wait if somebody else will post something relevant or at least before Maxthon 5 will be in more complete state and after that i will take some time to look at the api and try to figure it out somehow i suppose. Browser addon development is sadly not my strong side (i was more succesful writing my own browser using chrome core and dotnet but it was too time consuming and far from ideal) but its nice to try something new if its documented well enough and if i find it Still i would prefer if somebody more experienced would take a look at that.
  2. Hi is it possible or does exist or could somebody make extension that would intercept new window/tab requests and based on settings would automaticaly block them/ask if they are allowed to open/force them to open in new window/tab as selected/open them as intended (simple context menu switch idealy)? Lot of pages have anoying behavior of opening automaticaly whatever they want and this would allow user to have more control whatever is acceptable for him at given time. (I know, you could maybe possibly configure adblock partialy to do that but its based on listing and its far from ideal - making it based on core browser functionality would be way better) Sorry for my english, im not from english speaking country, i hope i explained it enough. I have not high expectations, Maxthon is nice browser but it seems dev community is somehow dead and it does not feel (to me - personal opinion) like devs listening too much but its worth a try ... if there would be well enough documented api and it would be possible i would probably made it at some point but finding something usefull about addon development for Maxthon is more problematic than i thought and it makes me kind of sad given its my favourite browser (i dont trust it too much theese days but still has nice and original features i like ) PS: My question is for Maxthon 5 (i suppose one of reasons its hard to find something relevant to addon development is this is changed every version)