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  1. 30914729 replied at 2015-2-5 08:59 nadie de soporte ....................................... Puedes dejar un vinculo o una captura de pantalla para ver que es lo que pasa?
  2. 7twenty replied at 2015-2-4 02:51 Another thing. Keyboard shortcuts seem to do different things depending on what it is. Anyone notice the date on BugSir007's post? He posted it tomorrow? :lol11678
  3. VladCarlsson replied at 2015-2-3 14:50 You didn't have to be so "rude"... I was talking about the UI, someone could recreate the images u ... I wasn't being "rude" I was being realistic. The screenshot in that blog is in no way indicative of what Spartan is going to look like in the finished product, therefore, why create something that is in no way going to resemble the shipped product?
  4. And, if you just don't want the icon to show, click on the "Customize Quick Tools" icon and un-check the option. 11593
  5. 15740850 replied at 2015-1-19 13:35 gracias por el consejo ya lo instale y es lo mismo tengo dos maquinas con buena capacidad de procesa ... No pasa lo mismo con otro buscador? Si pasa con otro buscador, puede ser tu tarjeta grafica.
  6. The Fox replied at 2015-1-28 06:54 Hola, Para empezar deberias actualizar con la ultima vercion de Maxthon que es Suerte. La mas reciente version esta aqui: http://forum.maxthon.com/thread-14014-1-1.html
  7. Dardwizzle replied at 2015-1-27 17:04 Hey guys! My two favorite helps! Hope yall are well! ... No.1MaxthonFan Ok, I found those option ... Ok, are you sure you are clicking on "Open in new TAB" Or possibly clicking on "Open in new WINDOW"?
  8. Cuando aparece, pon el raton en el vinculo y en el extremo derecho, haz clic en la X. Pero si el vinculo es uno de tus favoritas, lo tienes que eliminar de allí. 11560
  9. For heavens sake, wait until it becomes available so someone can take a look at it. One screenshot doesn't tell you anything.
  10. Why don't you drag&drop locally and let OneDrive sync. That's what I do and it works just fine.
  11. Nitro is still a work in progress and some functionality is still missing. That does not mean that all you are asking about will be added as it is supposed to be a very stripped down browser. If you need all those "extras" then Maxthon Cloud Browser will be the better option.
  12. The page is auto-refreshing and causes the Find-in-page window to disappear. That's not Maxthon, it's the page.
  13. 15740850 replied at 2015-1-19 13:35 gracias por el consejo ya lo instale y es lo mismo tengo dos maquinas con buena capacidad de procesa ... Instalaste la version en limpio o lo instalaste sobre la version previa? Trata de instalarlo en limpio y a ver si se arregla su problema.
  14. BugSir007 replied at 2015-1-19 04:59 Hello guys, Really sorry for this inconvenience. I have checked myself and i can confirm that the ch ... And what happened to all the other complaints about this same thing that has been going on for years? Just as those have been ignored, so will this one. Nothing will change.
  15. Te sugiero que instales la ultima version de aqui. http://dl.maxthon.com/mx4/mx4.4.4.600-beta.exe
  16. And as far as the old timeline on Facebook, you will have to contact them for those instructions, if there are any.
  17. It seems that all development on Android, Windows Phone and the iOS versions has stalled and have no idea why as there is no word from anyone.
  18. Absolutamente nada. No hay planes ahorita para los creditos. Habian dicho algo referente a algunas posibilidades, pero hasta ahorita, nada, y yo tango 16585 creditos.
  19. AdminH replied at 2015-1-13 20:03 Thanks for getting back to me. We ll see what we can do about it. Thank you. I wish you luck in getting that to happen. It has been asked for for a very, very long time.
  20. AdminH replied at 2015-1-13 15:57 great work everyone! Can we re-classify this issue as a resolved one? It's not resolved, it is only a workaround. Maxthon needs something built in so users don't have to edit their Registry.
  21. I know, but I just changed the color to White and now I don't see them.
  22. Sanjeev replied at 2015-1-4 11:12 I don't know chinese... The skin developers on the Chinese forum understand English too. You can use the built in translate tool to translate the pages on the Chinese forum to find one of the skin developers, then just put in your request on one of them.
  23. Sanjeev replied at 2015-1-4 07:35 Anyone know where the skin can be found for mx4 or can anyone make it for 4? Maybe if you try posting it on the Chinese Forum someone can do it for you.
  24. loooping8 replied at 2015-1-3 09:00 about this ? That's not what he is asking. He wants the Home page to open in the current tab, not open a new tab. This has been asked for for ages but nothing has been done about it.