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  1. You have to be blind not to see the close button hah. It would only put things difficult if you're watching something for adults and somebody goes in and you quickly try to close the window and in instead you maximize it :lol
  2. Great update cause now flash games from facebook run better and we can now move the tabs. I would like being able to access the downloads history though. Manually search for the downloads stresses me a bit
  3. No.1MaxthonFan replied at 2015-1-21 08:15 Nitro is still a work in progress and some functionality is still missing. That does not mean that ... Maxthon cloud was too slow and the interface was confusing, old looking, crashed and some webpages didn't completely load. However i find Nitro has much more potential for the general public that's why. And of course it's a work in progress, i'm just providing some feedback
  4. -It's basic to add a private navigation mode. -I don't know if it was a mistake of mine but i didn't have problems printing in other browsers. Today i tried printing a page and only part of it was printed. Anyway there SHOULD be a print preview in order to avoid inconveniences -And i would also like being able to move/change the order of tabs