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    The Northern Hemisphere, near Denmark.. (^^,)
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    Well, it was you who pressed the key, wasn't it.?? (^^,)
    As the sayings go... Don't take candy from strangers.
    Use the Brain.EXE, the best Free Firewall and Anti-Virus there is. ( aka Use your Common Sense )
    For example a Trojan horse...
    You don't tell it to fix up your PC...
    But it Does.

    And people that says, they NEVER have a Virus ect.
    Never use a Anti-Virus program.
    So before you turn any screw,
    or loosen any bolt,
    check the Nut behind the keyboard.
    The biggest security hole is always between the chair and the keyboard. (^^,)

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  1. Running Staple Version Maxthon v. (^^,)

    1. ~Ohke


      Off Topic = OT = Occupational Therapy - A place where kids get tormented.


      On Topic = OT = Oriental Teamwork - A few harmless Flakes working together, can unleash an Avalanche of Help.

    2. ~Ohke


      When people stop smoking they get cig fits.

      Does the same thing work for SPAM? (^^,)

      All those meetings of

      SPAMholics Anonymous

      helped me find my way.