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  1. -ody-

    Paper skin

    thanks to you ! do you allow us to post your skin here ?
  2. I split this thread, 2 different issues !
  3. different subject : I split this thread
  4. most extensions are here, but i couldn't find any for pinterest : http://extension.maxthon.com/all/index.php
  5. maxthon

  6. default footers are ok, I would just like them to be empty by default, or to remember my last settings.
  7. here latest version and clean install, defaulf footer and header are still there we would like those fields to be empty, by default .
  8. like your new background !

    1. No.1MaxthonFan


      Hey, can we get comments everywhere? LOL Thank you. I have tons of backgrounds in case you need some.

  9. I think you're not speaking of the same issue : you're speaking of "save the form", other speak of "cookie expiring" which is actually a bug devs are trying to fix.
  10. yes, and retro works fine too... which i find very convenient too (no need to change the user agent)
  11. -ody-

    Paper skin

    works fine with maxthon 4.4.5..... thanks for the link !
  12. I'm looking for the "paper" skin on chinese forum, but I am unable to find it... can someone please help me ? thank you
  13. did you perform a clean install (only if you have a passport and synced your datas) ? uninstall, and during uninstall process, check "clear user data")
  14. it's a known issue and devs have added it on their todo list point 8 : http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php/topic/14834-april-17th-bugs-and-suggestions-progress/ and here is the original thread. http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php/topic/14596-spellchecker-in-facebook-comments/?hl=%2Bspell+%2Bcheck#entry69795
  15. Oliver could you tell us wich specific rule ? thank you !
  16. Did you try to add this list into your global rules http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/topic/13033-adblock-plus-super-quick-list-to-block-ads-20150411/
  17. no, it's not fixed yet. I just closed maxthon and had to resign...
  18. Sorry about that, I accidentally deleted this thread while removing a spam ! So here's a summary : there's a cookie issue with the forum each time we close the browser, we have to resign If you leave the forum open after several hours, if you do a refresh : you have to resign issue occurs wathever browser you use (ie, chrome, etc..) if you use different accounts on PCs that share the same IP, signing with one account disconnects the other at the moment devs are working on it ! so please be patient
  19. yes it does. There's no need to upload a file to another website, you can use the attach feature using "full editor" bottom right of the reply box