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  1. Hi BugSir, I will wait for the gmail issue to be fixed first before I start using MX6 fully. And hopefully more features I am used to also get implemented. As for the yahoo mail problem, it happens with MX5. I have not tested it on MX6. - One thing that happens in MX6 when I import all my passwords from MX5, is that all the names of entries are gone and are replaced by URLs. - Another issue is that I cannot download 64bit portable version from this page. Download always fails toward the end:
  2. Gmail I am having issues with Gmail. I am still using MX5 (latest version) because I am so used to it. Gmail refuses to let me log in, claiming MX is not safe and is not a supported browser. I tried Ultra Mode, and normal one. I tried changing user agent string. Not sure what I am doing wrong. I even tried using MX6 but it won't even try to save gmail info. I have to manually log in everytime? Yahoo mail I also started having issues with Yahoo mail where everytime it autofills the password, I get a message that it is wrong. In Passkeeper, the password is correct, so I am not sure what is going on. I have to manually copy/paste it to successfully log in.
  3. Hmmm .. I re-uploaded the image. I guess I messed up the first time Ty ... this maybe a "work-around", but the issue is really big lists of favorites, and the manager is the best and right tool to work with them :/
  4. Ah ok .. well I hope this issue gets sorted as it has been plaguing me for a very long time It has been the only flaw I see in an otherwise awesome browser that I have been using since the days of MyIE2 v1 lol Edit: Btw does the image attachment in the first post show for you?
  5. Hi, This is an old issue that I have had with Maxthon for a long time. I have reported it on the old forums a couple of time without a fix so far. by the way, I tried creating this thread in the Bug Report subforum but I had no access. BUG: Basically, when I am in Favorites Manager, I have a hard time dragging favorites around, mainly because the "black repositioning line" is either very finicky or does not show at all. http://imgur.com/a/BhSE9#1 Normally, when I want to drag a fav to another spot, I left-click the link, move it up or down the list till I get to the new spot, move the mouse a bit till I get the "black repositioning line", then release the mouse and the link gets repositioned. This works but only sometimes. I often have difficulty getting the "black line" to show properly. It either does not show at all or it gets "tricky", i.e. it shows for a fraction of a second and I have to keep moving the mouse back and forth -in the little space of the new spot- until the "black line" appears. It seems that the "black line" becomes very precise, and I have to hit certain pixel for it to show. I have tried a couple of work-arounds, none of which are practical or reliable or even help much. The best work-around is to zoom-in very much, like 200%, which sometimes helps make the "black line" appear, but not always. I hope the explanation is clear. I am attaching a small image about the "black line" that I am referring to. Additional Info: OS: Win 7 64-bit Browser: Mx (default) IE: IE 11 (but I never use it) Passport: I do not use passport Extensions or skins: None (using default) The bug occurs only with Maxthon The bug occurs in Maxthon's Favorites Manager all the time. Thanks!