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  1. Passkeeper to LastPass

    Nope, there's no way to actually export your passwords, you would need to do what I did, type manually all of your passwords, I had over 200 passwords and accounts so you have no reason to cry :v
  2. netflix not working again

    That was a mistake, I really hate that they merged those two, they needed to stay apart, me and a few other members agree with that statement XD I only have a little more than 12k hours ... 12079hours level 76 XD
  3. netflix not working again

    I want both, and I can't find it and that makes me sad : THAT ONLY APPLIES TO MX4, all the customization posibilities died hard on Mx5, I remember that you could change the tabs position, the adress bar position and have hundreds of skins that you could easily install, most of the best features that maxthon had, they decided to kill them for no apparent reason :C I'm still butthurt and it's being 5 yeara now X Maybe you should look at this, this one is the ONLY one screen cap tool besides maxthon's that pleases me :^) https://getgreenshot.org/ The good old Skynote, that randomly crashed and deleted your data, back then when maxthon aspired to be a "cloud browser" and even had it's own cloud storage service XDDD I've used skynote a lot, A LOT! XD so I was more than happy when maxnote came but that time it was called infobox, I didn't like the name, and I remember that the new and improved "Infobox" was the ONLY thing that I liked about the alfa of mx5 XDD I find kind of funny that you are one of the most active users of the forum, a vice-admin, and one of the most helpful members of the community and you are trashing maxthon XDD ironic but respectable :U
  4. netflix not working again

    Indeed, I have over 2k favorites and rising, and it takes hours, for them to sync with all of my hundreds of notes, it's get frustrating, you could export them to an html and import them, but that sometimes messes up the content of the bookmarks like the tittle and often all the bookmarks are not exported at all :c LOL! I thought the same thing, vivaldi, that's why I'm starting to change towards it, it has most of the tools that maxthon has builded in, for example screenshoot tool, split screen (multiple splited screens in one windows, and each one can be splitted into multiple windows, I've tested 18 and my pc crashed :v) and it has a brand new tool for taking notes, mouse gestures, keyboard shortcuts,pop up video, etc.... But... And this is a big "but", all those tools (except maybe the split window tool) suck! maxthon is way way way more ahead in that branch, and that difference is clearly visible when you open the screenshot tool or the notes tool, for example... I can say with total security that no other browser have a better way to capture screenshoots or notes, the only true competitors in those fields are Evernote and GreenShot, evernote has a online note editing tool, but greenshot is a totally different software to carry on you usb stick or to install :Y And when it comes to pop up videos, I really love maxthon's you can easily put it on top of any window and it has it's own media controlls, wich in the mayority of cases they work XD vivaldi has a pop up video, that is called "picture to picture" wich can't be resize how you wanted, it has a limit, wich is a really shitty limit, like a quarter of my 1920x1080 display, it can be put on top of all windows and toggle that option, but it DOESN'T have medial controlls, so in order to change volume or to watch a previous part of the video you need to get back to vivaldi find the video and use the embedded media controlls, wich is a pain, and to pop up a video you need to right click it and use the option in the context menu "picture to picture" so if a video player is protected againt's right clicks, or has it's own dedicated context menu, you are done :^) the only way to bypass that is using an extension that pop up the video for you, wich is a pain and it takes ram... BUT you can pop up videos of netflix and most of the videoplayers... Maxthon's pop up video tool, also works on most of the videoplayers and you can pop up any video or Gif with just clicking on the floating menu above the video, wich is totally awesome and unique, as far as I searched there's no better option to do so than with maxthon's embedded tool, But... BUT the major drawback is that you CAN'T pop up a netflix video, wich is a reallly major drawback, and there's no solution or way to do so, wich sucks really bad. Vivaldi is way more customizable than maxthon by miles, but because it uses a chromium core it end's up with 2 different settings interfaces, the one that chrome uses chrome//setings and the one builded in to vivaldi XDD I choose vivaldi because it's the only browser that comes close to maxthon feature wise XD Yep, I've spent 8-15 hours on the internet daily and I'm jumping between those pages most of that time XD
  5. netflix not working again

    I was about to make a post about, if you want to use netflix, and have the most stable version of maxthon (the one who less breaks webpages) you need to install version, I've tried all the newer versions and in all of them netflix is broken, so the latest version with a working netflix is XDDD And in my case it was the only one wich didn't break facebook aswell, (I believed that issue has been fixed, probably the UA) :^) So I moved to vivaldi, and a I realized that maxthon is great has a lot of unique incredibly useful tools, but it's prompt to break, and I got so.. SO used to maxthon and all of it's features like maxnote and passkeeper that is almost impossible to change browser :'v so I'm stuck in the middle, they should hang a frame in the dev's room that say's "Hey don't forget to check if this new version breakes netflix, as the last 23 did!" that would be helpful :'v
  6. Update links for Imagus and Viewhance

    THANK YOU <3
  7. LOL I can't believe I read all the comments on the topic, but yeah, feature based my favorite version was but it did crash a lot, 10 times daily at least, stability wise maxthon has improve a lot, I was the type of user who in the old forum wrote a lot of topics with suggestions and improvements that I belived could make a lot of people happy, a lot of them were implemented a lot of them didn't... I could write a topic about some bug and find out 4 users had done the same, months ago and the bug may or may not been fixed. I know and understand that is impossible to keep everyone happy, the same feature 2k people requested another 2k users will complain about it in the next day... Thruth be said, the users who actually use the forum are not even then 10% of all the maxthon users, and there's now way to know what they like what don't, if they stopped using maxthon for a bug, lack of addons or just they didn't realized that you had to go to the forum to download the latest version and a lot of things stopped working for the same reason. But I do believe that maxthon devs should put more attention to the forum users, because at the end of the day, we are here because we use the browsers and we want to make it better, because we care enought for the product to write a topic, to welcome new members and shared out knockledge to them. Because at the end of the day the forum users are the ones who recommend maxthon to others, I had made a lot of people switch to maxthon, I'm always bragging about the snap tool and the maxnote wich I used daily and I really depend on them on my daily basis (like really really depend on them). The forum users are the spokesman of maxthon and keeping them happy is important because they are the ones who bring other people here and keep them here. The reasons I've stayed with maxthon is because at some point I've felt listen, with chrome you could talk and no ones will even care, chrome devs are totally unaccesible, and maxthon devs used to enter the forum once in a while, at least 4 years ago they did... We came here, we complaing, praise, comment and still do, because we know they are some people to talk to, if we truly believed that coming to the forum was pointless we wouldnt be here in the first place. So to summarize it, bring chrome extensions to maxthon, because the lack of them are making me go to firefox to do a certain task that I know they are impossible in maxthon c: I haven't forgot
  8. I changed the user agent and stuff, to improve my experience in maxthon and I can't pop up the window of netflix anymore, how can I do that!? It would be great to having that feature again I'm running v4.4.8.2000 and it worked great a few days back- Pls help
  9. Crashing Yahoo! Mail Now

    Sorry bro, I don't have any problem with yahoo maill, it works fine, maybe is for the extensions thay you have, or maybe you run a older version of Maxthon, or you have a virus or programs that may affect your navigation online XD

    magg replied at 2015-1-5 08:10 Perform Searching before you post! It's already available in Google Play https://play.google.com/sto ... Oh, ok thanks, I didn't knew that it was another app XD
  11. I have some valuable information on my notepad in my desktop maxthon, It will be great if I coul acces to that information throught my phone DDD: I would be GREAT!