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Imanerd replied at 2014-3-11 22:56 back.gif

Well, actually college work has been much more brutal. Ironically, my energy levels have gone up, I suppose from an instinctive need to adapt....that or I'm so sick of overwhelming work that I find this relaxing...either way, it's subconscious if anything...I came back actually unintentionally, little by little, over some time recently.

thanks for the welcoming back.

anyway, glad to be back, even if it's only -semi-. Plus some free time tonight, considering midterms are over...

also here is some extra info in case the original poster wants to write his own adhunter rules (I actually can't believe I have only written 2 lines of adhunter rules on one site over the course of a bit less than a half a year, so far, WOW.) before I hop in bed:

edit: oh also if you decide to take the advice on the first previous link of privoxy, don't tweak the config file and then UNtweak it and expect it to be fixed...I'm still dealing with an ICS config error often, despite the fact it hasn't been enabled in ages...and was only enabled like 3 days at one time only. Just a head's up is all...I learned that the hard way, being a tweaker and all, as usual.


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