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I can't change that sadly, sorry, but...thanks for mentioning that, Eric will see it I'm sure.

How about I give an example addon?

Here we go, see attachment. Extract it and move to the desktop or wherever you might have mxpacker saved or plan to save mxpacker to, which you'll need to.

Then drag/drop the mxaddon file onto mxpacker's exe icon.

It will create a folder called docviewer(1).

Basically, def.json outlines the details such as title, description, author, etc., for the extension site to use for giving credit, as well as for display in the extensions site.

If you need more help, I might be able to help you further. I taught bricky how to port over userscripts, so I can do the same for you.



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Thanks, man! Actually, I managed to find the articles in the oldforum by replacing the "forum" in the link urls by "oldforum" :) Yesterday, I didn't know where the old forum could be found, but today, I see links to the old forum have been added in the new forum.

Also, I didn't have any Mana in this forum yet, which was required to download the SDK. As of today, I see there's no Mana required anymore to download it :)

I have downloaded the SDK document, it looks quite straightforward at first sight, so I'll have a go with it and I'll get back to you in case I get stuck.

Thanks for the docviewer, I'll unpack it and have a look at it.


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