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So I ....will be keeping my promise that I am taking a break..but for me, creating extensions IS LEISURE's fun, so this is ALL I'll be doing....just not other stuff...

and besides, this is the only last thing I can think of to make for a while: google hangouts

this all is especially since I was working hours on this, literally multiple, trying to get it to work a different, more complicated way, though it was going to be for myself...and I don't want to suck my ego in, and lose out on pride, even if I did just end up taking a step back and make it simpler, though less fun/challenging.

* I edited the title, I'd never find it again otherwise, thanx. :) ~ntzphyr



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joemax replied at 2013-8-27 13:16 back.gif

Thanx Ima, it works fine! An easy way to access GHO

I'm sorry it was not more complicated for yo ...

So I am just befuddled..and yes, this pertains to THIS particular extension:

how does a single extension get uploaded in one night, get 5 stars within the same night with less than 5 users at the time, exactly on the dot, 5 stars, no less than that, and then within just a few simple hours, achieves a mere 11 users, but goes ALL THE WAY down to HALF of ONE star...and I had asked on there as a have to give yourself a rating to be able to comment, so being, perhaps less-than-honorably-seeming from a superficial standpoint, I had rated my extension as I normally would when needing to comment, with 5 has only gone up one star with that one vote. That means there have to have been 1-6 people who have either voted full 5 stars, and if that number is less than 6, the remaining did not vote, and another precisely-on-the-dot 5 users out of 11, voted 1 star....that or some voted 0 stars but that's impossible without not voting altogether which doesn't count into the total, simply out of a lesser total, albeit with a lesser fraction thereof.

How in the WORLD the HECK something like that become even NEARLY plausible? That's just awkward.

And it's but a mere page that opens up with the official google hangouts window. It's ultimately the same as opening it via the google plus interface, which ALSO opens in a new window/tab, all the same. It's not some obscure javascript-based extension that works for only some people and others have problems due to tweaks by web designers or view configurations, etc....

Again, how is this even REMOTELY PLAUSIBLE?

I'm not asking for sympathy - simply LOGIC. I'm curious as to JUST HOW this could happen...because I've monitored MULTIPLE extensions, both my own AND other people's, and that's since the extensions site for, originally, at the time, Maxthon3, first has come out, meaning 2 or so years....I've yet to see something happen in such little time, with so few users with a jump THAT large....especially even just the 5 stars, NOT including the 1-star phenomenon...this is the FIRST extension ever I've made that's gotten ANY stars within the FIRST night....some 2 days after, but never the first night, and I'm not talking the morning after either. Before that, even, unless you are counting on a technicality, which would mean it could have been midnight or after, but before 5 or so oclock, east coast time, and extensions, if approved, are usually done so around 10:00 pm to 12:00 am, when I stay up long enough, though that might be variable, and as the previous statement, this is also based upon east coast time.

just.....strange is all.....something is not right, is what's mind-boggling.


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