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  1. "Forward button is too hidden." There's a forward button??
  2. Zugi replied at 2015-1-24 11:40 It has more names: "quick extension area" = "Quick Tools" = "Quick launch bar" = "Tools" It's this a ... Thank you
  3. You can set that globally in your Quick Access options; And then if you want to open a link in a new tab, you can ctrl+left click.
  4. Have you looked in Extension Manager? (Right-click the sidebar) Also, you can set mouse gestures for jumping to top/bottom which I find very useful.
  5. Hello again. I discovered the other day that your extension seems to break image displays in my online RSS reader ( Is there any possibility of your adding maybe a whitelist/blacklist option? Another thing I noticed is that zooming with the mousewheel seems quite loose, so that the zoom will continue for longer than the wheel is moved. Is there any chance of an option to disable this, or at least tighten it up a bit? Sorry if I'm being picky : )
  6. I really like this extension, it seems a lot quicker than the native Mx viewer. It doesn't seem to work on all pages though, I don't know why.
  7. Snero

    QA mod

    @Subgoku - I've been trying this too, I managed to shrink the border but now I can't get the thumbnails to centre properly or fill the dial : ( Still working on it!
  8. Snero

    QA mod

    Нетот replied at 2013-9-30 04:42 by the way, can some one please say if this mod in any way effects synced QA data? or QA only stores ... I've found that if you have different settings on different machines (e.g. 5x4 QA on one, and 6x5 on another) then you can get a "data conflict" error message when syncing. If so you need to select the correct option (cloud or local) to get the QA links you want, but it never seems to actually lose any. I usually leave the QA Sync unchecked, and only do it when running a new install of Mx. *Edit; Having said that, I just extracted Portable and synced the QA with no problems at all.
  9. Snero

    QA mod

    Thanks Ima, I was just wondering if I was missing out on anything I guess not then as I don't use Mx Feed Reader. Cheers.
  10. Snero

    QA mod

    Imanerd replied at 2013-9-1 07:44 now, it's incorporated into the other mods as well (src= ... Does that one just have the Feed Reader mod added to it or is there other stuff too? As well as the QA mod, I mean.
  11. Snero

    QA mod

    zork replied at 2013-8-27 04:08 Of course it's possible. You need to change script function. Thanks. I'll try and work it out for myself, it will be educational... I was just having a play with it on my coffee break, so far I've managed to break the Options menu which is good because it taught me what that part of the file relates to I think. I'll come back to it this evening.
  12. Snero

    QA mod

    I was wondering Zork ... is it possible for "Dials Distance" to go below 20, or is this a limitiation of Maxthon?
  13. Snero

    QA mod

    Excellent, thank you very very much Zork! Nice to have all the necessary files in one thread and download too.