Cannot sign in again v7.0.2.1300

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No change with new version.

Additionally when login fails or before while it is still trying to login if I close the login window by clicking the X in top right hand Mx no longer opens in guest mode instead the message is Mx has closed due to error is displayed.

As an aside v6 still works because I have it set to autologin.

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This login failure has been a problem since the winter. When I was using a laptop sometimes it would not even display the password field unless I unchecked hardware acceleration. 
So for at least four months login has been difficult in some way and more recently even Android is affected equally. What I have found though with PC version that if autologin is preselected usually Mx opens up logged in straight away. But this is no help if you just cannot login and haven't selected autologin previously

My wife has moved away from Maxthon now because it is just too much trouble to use for her. I will stick it out for a while longer.

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