[MX6][Passkeeper] Editable entries

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I still find it perplexing, that one is not able to edit username and/or url of the entry.

In older Maxthon iterations (last was MX4 I think), you were able to modify the URL and the Username. I've had many instances where I had to delete an entry and re-add it with only slightly modified username, just because I've changed email addresses or changed my username.

The modification of URL is extremely important to me as well. In many instanced you hit "Save password in passkeeper" on a subpage when logging in and then you have problem logging in to a site. I've had issues where login url of a site sits on a one-time URL address (containing hash of login session) and I am not able to fill my pass in there.

The functionality of editing username and URL of page should be re-added. 


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