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  1. @PHYR @MaxthonJeff thanks for the clarification. I still think there is much to think about when it comes to including it in the base browser, but I'll try tokeep calm and wait to see what the alpha / beta version will bring us. @MaxthonJeff feel free to drop me a DM with pre-release once it's avaliable and i'll gladly test it and report back to the forums about what I honestly think about all of it.
  2. @DARKSTORM I have actually studied software development. I own a development company and I am also a developer myself. I've buit multiple products that were just to please me. I've even took a shot at my own browser But all those were private, because if it's just about my pleasure, then it's just for me. But once you make your product public and you want it to be widespread, because it generates you revenue, you kinda sorta have to listen to your users. If you force your users into something a majority of the users don't care about, or don't even want, you are going to have hard time sustani
  3. "I created maxthon to please myself in the first place"... now you made me sad. With a single superficial sentence you wrote off all the years I've promoted maxthon left and right to a simple "I don't care about the users, all I care about is myself". You had chance here to say something that would bring the community together, instead you did this. You know, I've defended Maxthon when it didn't work properly in MX3, I've defended Maxthon when it cheated in html5 test and I've spent countless hours arguing with Niels Leenheer about whether it's fair to simply remove maxthon from all the t
  4. Sorry to say this @MaxthonJeff, but from what you've said in the video, it seems you are not trying to develop the best browser for people anymore, you are simply making this a playground for crypto schemes. I've spend 30522 hours using Maxthon (that's almost 3.5years of real time) over the past few years. Started using it since the era of MyIE2 actually. But in the past years the development cycle of MX has slowed down to almost a full stop. Simple bugs persist tens of version and most requested features and functionalities are ignored. There is no innovation, no interest in upping the securi
  5. Tommis replied at 2015-1-24 17:38 any beta's to test yet? I'm ready and waiting :-) not yet! Lots of work in company But soon it will be Give it a week please
  6. anagrammar replied at 2015-1-6 05:40 I'm not suggesting you shouldn't do that if you wanna, but all of those features exist in Stylish. Well As for a developer, it's challenge for me and to be honest, Stylish is not really that user friendly. Personally, i've installed it, disliked every part of it, and uninstalled it before you could say "I'm gonna develop new extension, that fits my needs"
  7. I started to develop custom CSS modification extension. It's main features: 1. It's in english! 2. Per domain css with option for wildcards, exact domain or domain arrays
  8. Dermot replied at 2015-1-3 16:16 I think the fact the OP used Ad hunter to modify CSS instead of it's intended purpose was just as m ... Perhaps it was a misuse, to use it to modify CSS too, but it still doesnt make adhunter bad. I never experienced problems that you describe. For youtube adverts I use YoutubeCenter.
  9. PerritoCaliente replied at 2015-1-3 04:45 No adhunter,better is Adblock. Pls Dont support Adhunter.! Care to explain why? Saing no without proper explanation is pointless.
  10. @tony why cannot you see them going back? If community decides that adhunter was better solution, I think, we can see it happen.
  11. So I think, all of us would be more happy, if adhunter was modified instead of being replaced with adblock plus Thank you for your feedback
  12. I just updated to the newest version and I came to conclusion, that the new AdBlock Plus is not as good as maxthon adhunter in terms of css modification. I used adhunter not only to block ads, but also to modify css of some sites to make them look better and easier to read and navigate on. But with the new Adblock plus, there is no way to modify CSS, only to hide specified elements. This is not the best solution unfortunately. If this is only my problem, I will delete my post and develop plugin to replace this feature