MX6. How bad it is at this point?

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I'm using it now, and there's nothing "wrong" with it. It's better in many ways than Mx5, it's compatible with Chrome extensions (a huge library,) and many websites that used to flag me for using "too old" a browser don't do that anymore. On the downside, it's missing some features that I used a lot such as the status bar (where the zoom magnification settings could be easily adjusted) and the core switcher, which I seldom used anyway. On the plus side, the zoom function is still available, it's just a click away in the control panel.

I was having some weird things happening with Mx5 after the last Windows 10 update, so I wanted to uninstall/reinstall anyway, and decided to give Mx6 Beta a try instead.  I'm glad I did!

So I'd say, jump on in, the water's fine! (You can also run both Mx5 and Mx6 at the same time, I'm told; but I haven't tried that.)


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