Gmail Notifier Broken

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Is anyone here using Gmail Notifier? Mine just broke.
I had my laptop fully resetted and installed Mx5 clean. I signed in my account then it starts to sync with my account. After syncing, I noticed a blank icon which is Gmail Notifier that is now broken. Had tried reinstalling the extension a number of times but still the same. I already signed in my Gmail before the tests but still the same.
I'm using Mx5.2.7.5000.
Here's the link for Gmail Notifier


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Still the same. Did you try checking the addon in the Extension Center and the one I uploaded?snap_screen_20190711084919.png

There's 1 line missing on the one I uploaded. 
Left: Extension Center
Right: Uploaded


Added Text Comparison
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Yes, I installed you provided extension and updated it from the extension center.

I recommend you press the keyboard "Win+R", enter "%appdata%", press the keyboard "Enter", to find the folder "Maxthon5", rename it then restart the browser.



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