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I'm using Maxthon on both my PC and my Tablet

They are both synchronized using my Maxthon account

Problem is that the download destination folder are also synchronized despite the 2 PC doesn't have the same HDD config.

My PC has SSD+HDD wheras my tablet has only SSD

I can't configure destination folder on HDD on PC and SDD on the tablet

Doesn't want to fill my PC SDD with downloads, prefer using my bigeer HDD

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I think you can use the same drive letter on both material, with PC modern Os the first drive system is not obliged to be C: it's conventionnal .

so on tablet : c:\downloads ( i've considered it's not an Android one )

on PC , system disk is d: ( SSD) , HD is c: , c:\downloads stays on the right disk.

another idea is to use symbolic link for the path,you can make a partition of HD a subfolder of the SSD .. 


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