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  1. No video capture tool; but screenshoots of concurrent Maxthon downloads from the same PC Within Maxthon: 14 KB/s Ubuntu/WSL: 22 MB/s Firefox: 134 KB/s
  2. Installing MX6 in user folder wasfine during early beta phase; but then the application is in mature status, it would be fine to be able to install it in the mais Program sfolder (like most application) Being obliged to install it as a user aplication has 2 main drawbacks: it conosumes way more space: install duplicated for each user it need more maintenance: need to update each instance of MX6 install Would be great to have an 'Install for all users' option in the upcoming version
  3. I have exactly the same issue, starting many version ago. Most of the time, downloading, the same Maxhton install file, from Firefox or wget (WSL) is way faster than with Maxthon itself. Note downloading x64 setup