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  1. DL from github is fairly fast Never encountered DL problem since you've switch to Github ?
  2. Just downloaded build 3200 from your site (not cloudflare) ; thus the estimate was 10 min, download finished in less than 5 min -- Cloudflare DL never start, keep stucked And the tab is declared as sleeping , thus it was the active one It ended up with an 5245 Error on Coudflare
  3. No change, see the 2 attched screenshoots (around 2 mins between them)
  4. Sorry for the delay, didn't pay attention got an answer when getting 2900 & 3000 verions The DL link is dead, but at least one of the last Maxthon updates was pretty fast But seems it was an exception, cause current DL of version 3100 is damn slow; only 2MB in 5 mins (cf pics) My connection is way quicker than the Maxthon DL speed (nearly 60 MB/s) R/
  5. Fist 85-90 MB are downloaded quickly (1-10 MB/s) then slow down for the remaining of the download
  6. No video capture tool; but screenshoots of concurrent Maxthon downloads from the same PC Within Maxthon: 14 KB/s Ubuntu/WSL: 22 MB/s Firefox: 134 KB/s
  7. I have exactly the same issue, starting many version ago. Most of the time, downloading, the same Maxhton install file, from Firefox or wget (WSL) is way faster than with Maxthon itself. Note downloading x64 setup