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What still bothers me:

And I'll say it right away: In the past, I've been more involved in the forum, but that's also because I have recently received stupid replies from a member of the forums moderators.

What still bothers me after so many versions:

Import at the bookmark: No feedback, restart the browser: Then the bookmarks are there. So always restart. OK, you often have it with Vivaldi too, but with the Chromes, this is avoided by temporarily switching off the extensions, all. Unfortunately, MX does not have such a feature, just like Firefox. You can live with it, but it is not beautiful.

Then you can sort the bookmarks in Maxnote by alphabet, but on the displayed bookmarks bar is nothing. At V it all worked.

Well, I have to say honestly, the Firefox Quantum 59 convinces me right now in front of all other browsers also in terms of gesture control. I used to like Opera and Vivaldi too, but that's where it's hard to do the gesture control. The browsers do not accept any addons in this regard and you can forget about the onboard.

Only MX and Firefox convince. And Firefox convinces me more now.

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