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1 hour ago, pantantrollo said:


On the official website you have the new mx5.2.0.2000, both installable and portable



its been in beta for a few days - listing new releases here seems to be secondary these days - in fact most things here seem to be secondary - you get the impression this place is all but abandoned by them 

Tony     -  Vivaldi 4 on Windows 10 64Bit
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I've been wondering lately why new Official Releases are actually available on Major Geeks first for a couple of days before they're released HERE at Maxthon, the very source where logic would dictate that they're supposed to be released to the public FIRST.

So, earlier today I already downloaded MX5 Portable from Major Geeks just as I've downloaded the previous 2 versions of MX5 ... from Major Geeks as well because they too were not available at Maxthon by the time they were available at Major Geeks.  Likewise, the changelog is available first on Major Geeks instead of on Maxthon as you would think the case would be.  Odd.

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11 hours ago, Mo88 said:

Maxthon staff are more interested in cryptocurrency now, they don't care about us which is sad because without us, there would be no Maxthon

That's the same thing I thought since the cryptocurrency issue was announced, there was a drop in the forums.

It seems that this is happening in another site like UCBrowser, practically abandoned the desktop, (its core is chrome 55)


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