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I was just using ABP on Firefox and just noticed a slightly big difference with Maxthon's ABP.
I was browsing video streaming sites and noticed a mirror that doesn't play unless you turn off the adblock (both Firefox and Maxthon). I had the mirrors link whitelisted with wildcards (*.domain.*), It worked on firefox's but wildcards aren't allowed on Maxthon's whitelist. The video player is embedded so it can easily be whitelisted with wildcards but it's hard on Maxthon(can't do it).
Additionally, you can block elements easily on firefox while you need to type it manually on Maxthon.
The only advantage I see on Maxthon's ABP is the custom filter which is not on Firefox's, aside from that, those in firefox are probably better.

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3 hours ago, 7twenty said:

I thought that they used basically the same ABP core, but it seems that may not be the case. Or at least there's something going on that is causing this issue.

If you're talking about the ABP between Maxthon and Firefox, The interface is completely different.

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45 minutes ago, DARKSTORM said:

The interface is completely different.

yeah, i've said this many times for a long time. But i'm referring to the backend of how it actually works, that should be the same. But if using the same rules works in one and not the other then there is something else going on.

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