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Here is an age old issue, that I have not found and answer for yet. Brand new computer, new V5.1.4.3000 install, imaxthon.com weather never loads. Weather section continuously displays "loading". I had brought this up a long time ago and never got a resolution. Another reason I am considering moving on to another browser. Maxthon just isn't consistent in their work when it comes to features and stability.

Any ideas on the Weather "Loading" issue?



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On 12/26/2017 at 3:26 PM, 7twenty said:

Do you get the settings cog to manually enter a zip code/city? If so, does it still not show the details?

Check dev tools (F12 > console) and see if there are any errors showing.

I don't even get a field/ Gear Cog to enter Zip Code or location. Just installed MX 5 on my wife's new HP All In One and same on that machine. I will attach the log.

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22 minutes ago, Galileusz said:

Oh fact, I made a mistake. However, the i.maxthon.com website works correctly.

Great. I have 2 pc's it doesn't work correctly on. The weather section just displays loading with no fields to enter location.

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