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  1. there is a video on this page.
  2. I also have trouble on some websites and Twitter. Facebook and Youtube videos play just fine. The bigger issue for me is Twitter videos. Win 10 and MX
  3. Thanks, Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Windows NT 10.0; U; WOW64; IA64; en) AppleWebKit/599.0+ (KHTML, like Gecko) Maxthon/ Chrome/53.0.2785.89 Safari/537.36 OPR/39.0.2256.48 QupZilla/2.0.1 Seems to be working, I do encounter a video once in awhile that gives me the "this browser does not support video playback" message. If that happens I just Google the video and watch it at another source if possible.
  4. I am using in Windows 10 In order for me to type in this forum, I have to use the Chrome Agent, when I go back to Facebook, I have to switch to IE 11 Agent to play videos in Facebook. In Youtube I have to switch to Chrome Agent to view comments. So basically, I have to switch gents to get certain website functions to work. Some Agents just don't work at all for example, Opera, there is no difference than IE 11 Agent. Is there an Agent that can address these issue so I don't have to keep switching Agents? Thanks, Bob
  5. I am having this issue where the comment section covers the video feed and the video feed is zoomed in so the full video object is not seen. This video should be showing the man's entire upper body. In addition the comments do not update automatically. I have to refresh the page to update comments.
  6. I am running Win 10 and Maxthon V4.9.2.1 I have asked this several times. I have tried all the suggested "fixes" for Adobe support in Maxthon. New Falshplayer, coping and renaming Macromed file to Maxthon. Turning Plugin support off and on in Maxthon. Nothing works, Facebook, websites will not play videos and I cannot upload photos in FB without going through Facebook's basic uploader for problems uploading photos. There is no problem in Opera or in Microsoft Edge, so it is a problem in Maxthon. many pages in FB and websites display "Cannot Load Plugin". I want to back up my Guest Startup Page Favorites in the Favorites section of the start up page, so I do not lose all my links and passwords for auto login so that I can uninstall and re-install Maxthon. What is the safest and best way to back up those links and passwords? I am open to trying other "fixes" but so far no one has come forward with a definite fix.
  7. If someone would tell me how to back up mu "Guest" Start Page favorites, I would back up all my links and passwords and re-install to see if that clears the problem. With no idea how to back up my Guest Page links and Passwords, I am stuck.
  8. Today, I clicked on a FB live feed, I am getting "couldn't load plugin". This is frustrating. I too like Maxthon but these issues continue to crop up and then we don't get any answers from Maxthon on how to fix the problems.
  9. Odd, it seems no one wants to address this issue. I guess I will go back to Opera. I also can't get answers on how to back up the guest start page favorites.
  10. I started a post on the same problem, I have V4.9.2 and latest flashplayer, Windows 10 and tried renaming and copying the flashplayer file as directed in another thread and nothing solves the problem. Videos in FB play ok, so I don't think it is a flash player problem, it is just adding photos. I also tried Opera and Microsoft Edge with no problems.
  11. Scroll bar just crashed again. Had to restart Maxthon to get the pages to scroll.