A Maxthon Tracker?

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When I opened my browser for first time today and started checking my Facebook, I noticed that the URL changed and the name on my tab changed to something in Chinese language. I closed Maxthon then tried again and the same thing happened when I went to check my email [see image below]. Is this a tracker from Maxthon or something else?

EDIT: It keeps happening and when I opened a new tab l cannot switch to it. I have to close Maxthon and open it again. I did a virus scan on my computer, and I tested this on Chrome and it's not occuring on that, so this makes me think it's a Maxthon issue.


fb track.jpg

yt track.jpg

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I think that this was not a problem, but it was done on purpose. There was a reference to "taobao" in the form of a background on QA. And there was also a close button. If you close it, then this background no longer appears. Until the browser data is cleared. After cleaning and restarting, the background of the new tab again was like this. I really did not like it. This indicates that the computer is constantly loaded with different scripts, which I did not ask either maxthon or Chinese comrades.

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