Mx Beta continually reloading

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i don't think so; i'm always running portable versions just copying user data; on win 10 pro creator.

is this issue on a particular website or all the time

is this issue on every mode

is it the same thing with or without abp

maybe MX is seeking existing user data and it fails 

just saying

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Normally install portable versions over existing versions and it has always worked except for the jump from MX 5 to 5.1. Therefore had to do a completely clean install. Ultra mode continually refreshes on all sites even after leaving the browser to synchronise and update itself. Retro mode works fine. Haven't tried without ABP. Is it possibly a conflict or lack of permissions with my antivirus (Panda) or my Firewall?

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Don't sign in. See if it still happens.

Delete cookies/browser data etc


1 hour ago, Magdalene said:

Is this a Win 10 Creators edition problem?

Doubt it, unless you've some weird conflict for some reason.

Definitely try disabling the AV/firewall to test with.

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AV and firewall will let you know if there is lack or permission you'll get an error message 

so if retro mode works there is a connexion, if MX don't stop searching it's website trouble,

i don't use MX5 all the time, i use four or more browser when needed

anyway the way i usually do is to put a copy of the new portable version in a folder and copy the user data of the previous version

so i keep 3 versions alongside

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