MX5 and FB Issues

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I have upgraded to MX 5 but still have installed until I get all of my 4.9 links moved to MX5. Both versions have an issue with FB Live stream. Current Flashplayer installed on both versions. Win 10 OS.

MX5: FB Live Stream will just stop working with no warning. It does this constantly. Also I cannot see my comments in the Live Stream chat screen. Other people can see them but and i can see their comments. Just can't see my own.

V 4.9.4,3000: FB Live Stream video keeps trying to load but never does, however the chat section of the Live stream is updating, just no video.

Any ideas on how to get one or the other versions to work properly?



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3 hours ago, BugSir006 said:

which version are you using?

And I was looking for a live stream but unlucky that found none, could you give a live stream example? I have a regular Live Stream Joe Pags on at 6PM CST most days that I watch. He may be on vacation this week, not sure.

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