Error Code: 26-3

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I just installed Maxthon on this PC for the first time and after signing in and having it fire up I immediately get this error it says "Favorites" Database broken, Repair it?. And when I hit the yes button the browser shuts down and absolutely nothing happens. any help with this would be greatly appreciated since I want to use this browser really bad lol. Attached is a pic of the error message.

Maxthon Error.png

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2 hours ago, 7twenty said:

Type %appdata% into an explorer window, open up the Maxthon5\userdata\users\guest folder

rename the favorites and molebox folders to something else eg.favorites.OLD

restart maxthon and see what happens.

My folder was worded a bit differently but i think I did it right went into public and changed the folders you mentioned and I'm still getting the error message.explorer_2017-05-09_17-47-58.png

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36 minutes ago, BugSir006 said:

Have you tried other versions? Like the latest beta Does this happen also on other versions?

I'll let our developer have a look on the pic you attached.

You are fantastic! the beta version worked, it didn't even cross my mind to try that before lol.

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13 hours ago, PHYR said:

Since he has the issue when signed in , wouldn't it be better to delete the folder from his personal folder and not the guest account????

Yes it would! not sure where i got the impression a guest account was being used?!

But problem solved anyways...

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