Crash Report Diagnosis Pretty Please

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I keep crashing after a fresh install of windows 7 pro 64-bit on an hp 6300.  Downloaded all available updates for windows and am running MX5  Often it crashes right after I launch the program, and at other times it will work for awhile.  It will crash before I even have a chance to do anything to cause it.  I'm really bad at reading code so I can't tell on my own.  Can someone please read the crash report and let me know what to do?

Sorry for any inconvenience. =[



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2 hours ago, Jus5631410 said:

I notice also that Mx5 is crashing a lot then Mx4. Maybe developers should do something.


Which version are you using? What are the steps leading up to the crash? 

Try updating to the latest available here in the forum, it has addressed a number of issues.

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I am using the latest version maxthon_portable_5.0.4.800-beta. So what it happened is this sometime I was working with Mx5 then I switch to another program like Libre office or thunderbird without closing Mx so after some minutes I received a window error of crashing from Mx. It is not link to specific sites. Maybe Mx is using a lot memory then other program that is why the system is shutting it. So here my problem. Anyway I wrote already to the developers. I hope they will reply soon.


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