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Is there a way to "disable" text moving inside Address bar when I try to select a portion of URL? For example, when I visit http://forum.maxthon.com/ and then want to visit http://www.maxthon.com/ I just want to select the "forum" part in the URL and replace it with "www". But when I click into address bar, the little green shield icon changes to Search provider combo and whole URL shifts to the right. It is not impossible to live with but quite annoying.



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No, not without changing the skin to one that doesn't have that.

I also agree that it's quite annoying, it's harder to keep track of the URL as it jumps around when doing things as you noted.

I've changed my skin so the search provider and safety icon are both on the right side. That way I know the url is always justified to the left of the address bar.

Happy to post a modified version if you like, but just be aware that if things change it may break the skin or new features may not show or work in newer versions.

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On 28/4/2017 at 4:21 PM, martin.w said:

That would be great,

File attached.

Create a backup of the UIMain.dat file in the Maxthon\Bin folder and copy over the new one.

This is based off v5.0.4.500, so there might be some minor UI issues till it gets released to the public. As above things might change in the future, but hopefully not so much that it causes any major issues.


On 28/4/2017 at 5:21 AM, karajan said:

as you know this is a shortened url; if you are visiting a thread on the forum when you click in, the whole url will be displayed.

if you click on the home button you will be on the root and then you can do what you say you want to do

Not what he's talking about.

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