Best Ad-Blocker setup?

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Recently ads have surfaced again and I'm trying to find out how to tackle the issue.

I can't seem to manage getting it done by manually set rules as the ads get smarter and in new situation (i.e. new facebook mid-video ads).
As such, I'm trying to find out what is the best "generic" ad-blocker setup (in terms of filter-lists/subscriptions, generic suggested rules and so on).
Also, additional extensions are welcomed.

Of course I'm referring to a global setup, not specifically for my locale or anything.
Suggestions are most welcomed!

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I suppose you have check the policies of ABP not to allow acceptable ads

now disable run script for all sites and enable just when necessary

disable flash in the config panel ( some sites will be out ) 

there is no toggle switch extension in maxthon to disalbe/enable JScript

yo can also try some violent monkey scripts with no guarantee

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I just use EasyList and the ABP warning removal list. Doesn't get everything but for the most part it works well.

If one gets through on a site that I visit regularly then i'll figure out how to block it myself. For random sites i'll let them go. No need to worry about the occasional ad on a site you might only ever visit once.

Unfortunately even the best ad blockers will probably miss something at some stage. So long as it works 95% i'm happy.

Haven't seen any FB mid-video ads, but i don't use it much or watch many long video's on it. Although if you can link to one i'd be curious to see it.

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