MX5.0.2.1600 cannot work facebook as well on Win10 build 1607.15031.0 release 170204-1546


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The issue is happening on Win10, I am not confirm the issues is happen on Win7

but this problem is not only on facebook, also many webs sites, included Maxthon forum.


The problem is many facebook icon is not on the right location, and the like button is gone.




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7 hours ago, PHYR said:

Can't confirm on the very same windows version. Try turning off abp and disable any extensions you are using.


7 hours ago, 7twenty said:

And disable FBP to see if that is causing part of the issue.

turn off is same problem.


also the issue is happening on Win7, no matter abp (turn on or turn off is same problem)


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7 hours ago, Wisely said:

turn off is same problem.

Just to confirm, you are saying you disabled the Facebook Purity extension, correct? As there's multiple quotes but only 1 reply.

And I just checked facebook on .1600 and there is no issue. But didn't check with FPB running. Given that your Retro mode shows it's good (with no extension running), but in Ultra it doesn't work, but FBP is running, then i'm still pointing to that as the issue.

And also tested using 15031

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