Maxthon5 is alive on Product Hunt!

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Hi Maxthon fans, 


Today is a big day ;)

Maxthon 5 is hunted by Chris Messina on Product Hunt (

A little bit unexpected and earlier than we planned, but still it's really an honor to be on PH!

You are welcome to see our post on Product Hunt and give us suggestions there!

Here is a Gif showing how you can support Maxthon 5 on Product Hunt ;)


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1 hour ago, -ody- said:

tried to vote, but it implied a subscription to product hunt, which I don't want... :(

Thank you ody, I totally understand you! Sometimes I've also nearly been driven crazy by those subscription and sells emails. 

Good news is that we always have the option to turn the email subscribtions off in settings :Hugging_Face_Emoji_42x42:

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