M5 Stopped Working on NetFlix


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M5 suddenly totally stopped working on NetFlix. When choosing a movie, it just sits there and spins forever, used to play instantly. M4 stopped working too, so I guess it's something NetFlix did.

Vivaldi works, Edge works.


I tried all the usual suspects... content blocker, WebKit /Trident engines, flushed cache, etc etc. 

Anyone else?



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12 hours ago, BugSir006 said:

Hi bobad1, 

Which browser version are you using? And could you give us a screenshot of the error page?

Have you tried to refresh the page?

Thanks for the reply!

Using on Windows 10.

There are no error messages or screens.

 NetFlix simply does not work. The main screen comes up normally, but when I click on the title icons, nothing happens. (or the spinning arrow spins forever)

Refreshing does nothing I can detect.

Vivaldi browser works fine, MS Edge works fine, so it's not something to do with my account.



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15 hours ago, bobad1 said:

OK, it started working. I uninstalled and re-installed Silverlight, so that seems to have been the problem, but not sure.


Thanks for trying to help BugSir006!

It's very glad to hear that it works now,

And thank you for telling how you solved it, that maybe helpful to others in future.

Have a nice day friend :1f60a: 

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