Several Profiles up at the same time and quick login?


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Hi. I have multiple profiles for several websites, and, sometimes, i need to use them simultaneously. I got used to that i can quickly switch between them, or launch additional profiles when i need them in Chromium-based browsers and Firefox with just a couple mouse clicks, but MX5 seems to lack this feature - every time i try to go to profile selection menu it end my current session, closing the opened profile, and also, forces me to enter passwords for every profile, every time i try to launch it. For me, it is very annoying and unnecessary, since i use MX5 on my home PC and noone else has acces to it, and i also need more than one profile running at the same time (and sometimes - even up to 5 profiles simultaneously, or so, and i'm planning to make more). Is there a way to make MX5 remember profile passwords and allow multiple profiles to be up at the same time? or, can you add this functionality if it is not possible yet? I was very excited with the new "e-mail virtualisation" feature, when i noticed MX5 requires separate e-mail accounts for each user profile, but it seems that it won't help me much, since MX5 doesn't allow what i need, and it seems that currently i still have to stick to my old browsers, even though Firefox has some issues with multi-profiling, and Chrome disabled Unity Web Player that i also need, so none of them does not fulfill my needs.

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(Admin:This seems the most appropriate thread to add to, forgive the nub move if need be.)

The new session tab is, to me, the likeliest place to include a means for a user to break off into a new session, whether it be user profile or site-specific.

MX5 New Session Button.jpg

IMO it would be useful to have the choice to select the "New Window" features (Normal, Private and Session), in either a New Window, Split Screen or alternate MX5 user context.

As a person with an IT background, I can see how someone would want a work or personal profile, and also have the ability to quickly swap between them.

Of course, there is the chance that this is just not programmaticaly possible today, but it may be a means to satisfy the OP's (and my multiple personalities') wish, yea?

"We" can't know if we don't ask. :)




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@BugSir006 Nah. I have a Russian localization, so for me it is called "Isolated" (unlike "Session" in Otomo's case.) so i had little understanding what it means, and never tried it, to be honest... Anyway, i just gave it a try, and for me it launches a separate MX5 window with my currently active Profile, and when i try to log-out from my Profile in that window, MX5 shows the same warning about that it will close all MX5 windws if i log-out, and does that if i press "Yes" - and then shows me the profile selection screen. And after i log in to my second Profile, i'm getting only one MX5 window with my 2nd Profile that i've just logged in to.

Personally i never used the split-screen function Otomo just remided me of, alot, but yeah, having two profiles open in the same window would be absolutely great (i actually never used the Split Screen exactly because it was still the same Profile, and i could not use this feature to have 2 different accounts on the same website open simultaneously in the different halves of the window). Not that i really need that (i guess it's rather oriented to web-designers, programmers or other people who need to compare how the website looks with different settings/different Engines (i never used that too, since i don't see any noticeable difference between the way websites look on different Engines, and have little understanding about that stuff). But i guess i'd rather prefer a more familliar method to me - using two browser windows placed one next to another.

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