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  1. Hmm, that's quite strange behavior then... Too bad that the popup window is partially in Chinese, so I can't fully understand what it is asking about. My Maxthon Browser version is and the "about" window says it's the latest one... I might try v5.3.8.2100, but, since I'm really limited in free hard disk space right now, and since I'm actually using Maxthon Browser quite rare lately, I'm afraid I might even consider uninstalling it soon, at least, for a while, until I'll get a hardware upgrade (I'm planning on getting an mSATA SSD module for my laptop, and, maybe, replacing the DVD-drive that I haven't used even once during the past few years anyway with an optibay module and getting a 2 or even 4 Tb HDD for it - probably, in a few months or so). But I'm also looking forward for MX6, so, maybe, I'll check that too when it will be released.
  2. Well, Maxthon is cool, and, at times, very useful, but I'm still not using it as my main web browser, and, in fact, only using it once in maybe a few months or so. So I don't really need to keep it up to date all the time, but I would rather prefer to update it from time to time manually when I actually need that. At the same time, I'm really limited in free hard disk space, and I can't expand it or free a significant amount of disk space right now - sometimes it's only about 30 Mb free or so on my hard drive - and Maxthon keeps popping up almost every few minutes asking for an automatic update, annoying me with these messages and eating the last megabytes on my hard disk in attempts of downloading and installing those updates that I don't even really need at the moment. And it gets really annoying and frustrating that I can't stop that and disable the automatic update - not to mention that the auto-update process takes part of my already far from modern laptop's hardware resources and internet traffic. I'm trying to counter this behavior with third-party software, but I would really prefer it if I could configure that in the Maxthon browser itself (in the Options). Am I missing something once again, and there is such an option already, or is it something that you've missed and haven't thought that someone would possibly ever need and it's a good thing to add in the future versions of the browser? Also, where exactly does Maxthon put those downloaded update files (so I could locate and delete them if I don't need them and free at least a few more megabytes for other, more relevant stuff).
  3. Well, it's pretty much all in the title: Can I edit and or remove fake mail addresses I've already created in my UUMail account if I don't need them anymore, or if I've made a typo when I've created them? Can I group them into folders? (for instance, I'm using UUMail to create multiple accounts on some websites - can I group such addresses into folders by the website name?) or, at least, change their position in the address list, so they would all be next to each other, and I wouldn't have to search for those that I need at the moment through the entire list of addresses that I've created? That would be really nice if that would be possible.
  4. Thank you. That was kinda unobvious for me. I've looked for that option somewhere around the Bookmarks menu...
  5. How did you do that? I'm using Maxthon Browser v5.2.7.5000 on Windows and I can't find any way to export even my Bookmarks to a file...
  6. Hi, I have a similar problem again - I can't access my UUMail from Google Chrome again. I've made a bookmark in Google Chrome last time I used UUMail in it, and editing it shows that it links to When I'm trying to use that bookmark now, I'm getting a 404 error. I've tried to use the "My U+" link in the top part of the page, which opened page, which also returns a 404 error. Then I've tried to launch my MX5 browser (v5.2.7.5000) and clicked a UUMail link in the top part of it's New Tab page, which successfully opened page with my UUMail. However, when I tried to copy that URL and open it in Google Chrome I still got the 404 error. Can you, please, fix this?
  7. Hi. I've just noticed that the UUMail interface now has a URL and could be accessed from any other browser... So I've tried to access it from Google Chrome browser only to find out that I have none of the fake mailboxes (addressess) that I've created and used before, in MX5. Though other settings, including my fake domain name are saved. Is this a bug or what? Can I transfer my old fake mailboxes from MX5 UUMail account, or do I have to create them again in Chrome? (and will they still work as they did before if I do so?). Are they stored in some file on my Hard Drive, instead of my Account on Maxthon's server? (which sounds quite strange for me)