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Sorry, but can't open discussion for Maxthon 4, therefor I writing in the Maxthon 5 beta form.
I am using Maxthon cloud browser.
I watch an HTML site with music and video links
The music should be played via mplayer2 and the video in embedded from Youtube and vimeo.
When I choose the Ultra-mode, all videos are shown in the web-page and may be played but if I open an audio link, nothing is heard and also the plug-in (on the page top line) is shown as empty box.
When I choose Retro-mode, the audio is playing well and I see the player's controles (play, stop, forward, etc.) but all videos are missing and at their location in the web-page I see a broken link symbol
How I may overcome this issue and watch/hear both videos ans audio.
As an example, here is one of the site pages in question:
Thanks in advance
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Hi Shlomo,

Sorry for the inconvenience to you.

I test from my side, but the situation is not same with you.

For Ultra-mode, both video and audio couldn't be played. Video button was replaced by the plug-in on page top line.

But for Retro-mode, both video and audio are playing well. Video on the right side could be played when clicked, and audio control button are available, also without problem for hearing.

See attached.

What's your operation system?




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