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3 hours ago, A.S. said:

Jeff wrote that this is cloud secure: MX check opened website via own servers.
Why you turn it off? It have to has different settings with UEIP.

And such a answer makes me happy. :)  I don't turn off this, only I checked all the options. I am glad that there are such a new solutions but I want to be informed well.

P.S. I had a problem with the display settings page, and I have not seen a complete description of options. After the new installation is well.

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4 hours ago, BugSir006 said:

Hi G, what is the problem you referred here?

                                     2016-09-07 14_40_10-.jpg

                                     2016-09-07 14_29_52-.jpg

I solved this problem. Simply the Polish translation is only in 61% done and there are problems. Badly it is displayed and you could not see a complete description of options. From now, I use the English version and I will wait for the final Polish translation.

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