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Why I am not easy on Max 5.0 for Android?

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Because of 

Websites not supporting Non American browsers properly good, and says u are using an older browser please upgrade it to modern browser like chrome or says for To access better performance of our website features please upgrade your browser to a modern browser like chrome or says u r using an non standard browser please upgrade it to standard browser to access more features in this website or app or game, i know this is just an advertising but in more cases they are right, because of 90 percent of websites and applications or games no supports non American browsers like opera Maxthon uc browser and so on for example Antivirus apps like cm security works with chrome or firefox and try check surfing whether they are secure or not but in Maxthon 5.0 for Android no antivirus app support user surfing in browsing not at all  , furthermore mx5. is removed some good features were in mx4 and i am not easy in it like in chrome or mx4 for example i constantly using mediafire site to downloading but this site works in chrome very better and just by first visit of download link can access to direct download link but in Maxthon5.0 two or more steps is necessary to access direct download link(You can access mediafire direct download link in chrome at first visiting by ADM OR IDM app but in Maxthon you can't access mediafire direct download link at first visiting by Adm or Idm app)  also in chrom IDM or ADM app support it and immediately detect download links and automatically run when a direct link copied in clipboard or when an download link want to be downloaded  but in mx5 Adm or IDm no supports it and no run automatically to start downloading why i prefer external DM because of in mxton downloader no supported extSdCard also can not set new path for new Download files time by time its hard to go to settings in max4 to set new download path too and in mx5. 0 it just support set path for Download path in sdcard not in extsdcard so i don't like use it and never have used it yet.... also last session in mx5 not working but in chrome or firefox all pages automatically be opened and will be restored if close it but in mx5 all opened pages go to missing after close it(how would be nice all opened pages in mx5 could be displayed in last session tab as listed like in Maxthon for windows ) , in chrome i can click on each link in website and this link can be opened in new tab but in mx5 if i click on a link it opens in same page...... in chrome Data save feature helps high speed in browsing but in mxthon speed in browsing is very lowest than speed in chrome Google or Microsoft features works better in American browsers  ... there are hundreds reasons about miss performance of mx5 for Android that i have not memory to express here at current now, but on the whole i like Maxthon 5.0 for Android and try to report problems issues for its developers because of i think this browser is very better than American browsers (if they especially Google stop racism in softwares and applications and applets world zone ) current now most of the applets and games and websites no support other browsers except Firefox and chrome and in most cases works under these two browsers) 




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21 minutes ago, BugSir006 said:

Hi Rozana, thanks for your long report here.

But could you tell us the specific problem you encountered? Give us some examples, and list them out so that we can deal with them one by one.

Look forward:D

I will provide an video snap clip in here from mx5. 0 to show u allthese claims by illustrations 

so certainly look me forward :wink:



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