New version] MX5 alpha2 Beta release [ORIGEM: CHINA POST]

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[New version] MX5 alpha2 Beta release 

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This post by the admin [Administrator] Posted 8 hours ago | This Author Replies rewardpi_views.png1374pi_thread.png0
Hello, everyone, 
Faced before some users can not receive the message, we will be released simultaneously alpha2 version in the forum at the same time send a message! 

International Edition Download: 
The PC: 
Chinese version Download: 
The PC:
update list: 
* Fixed twitter autoplay video can not be played in question 
* Under certain circumstances the address bar drop-down menu block input 
* Night mode perfect 
* Perfect compatibility mode 
* English language translation Perfection 
* Bug fixes 
* Do not allow users from all folders drag the shortcut to the folder access list 
* QQ browser can not open e-mail or news message 
* Collect treasure, the body of the link address, select and right click and select Go to XXX, tab not directly open, but with Baidu search 
* Set the center _ when the Advanced page of the window horizontal scroll bar is too thick 
* Set the center _ shortcut set after boss key name key combination is too close 
* Clear data Clear _ other site will be a new tab to set the background clear 
* Search _ local drag pdf file browser open, select the right search words, browser crashes 
* Multiple Search _ International Edition multiple keywords search box enter cursor to the left of the string variable 
* MX4 Notepad record the HTML code, then converting the content to M5 in Moore Library shows compiled 
* Collect treasure _ compatibility mode select content sites collect, the button name is displayed in English and no written confirmation button 
* Collect treasure _ title as special characters, the browser can be normal, but they could not export the export file when 
* Setup menu _ Home button setting is not shown after restart your browser settings fail
* Set the center _ and extended search English display code 
* Set the center _ page zoom settings fail 
* Developer Tools window and the lower number _ privacy window Developer Tools invalid 
* Set the center _ after switching functions and extended translation cancellation memorize options need to refresh reduction 
* Registration _ Chinese Version login screen right-click context menu is displayed in English 
* Personal security center _ account - Modify the mailbox, enter the e-mail address to obtain a personal center cut mail verification code and then cut back, before the page can not remember 
* Address Bar Search Engine _ Quick Search "g" + "space" after the "g" will be retained 
* Mouse gestures _ a new tab using partial collapse of mouse gestures 
* Shortcut bar on the "Quick Start collections treasure" this promotional link should be removed, restart the browser will now appear 
* Address bar _ the new tab switcher built page, the address bar enter the URL here or search 
* Split-screen mode _ shortcut keys F10 and forth into and exit from the screen mode - New Label - Last F10 shortcut key is invalid 
* Dual _ when the main screen to open a browser window and drag it to the sub-screen, does not create a second window position 
* When the Shortcut Bar shortcut bar _ no content, only horizontal line near the bottom of the Shortcut Bar points out the right-click menu 
* Layout _ inconsistent minimum width of the screen left and right split-screen 
* Personal center _F2 or F3 to switch under the label, browser crashes (toggle up and down the same label mouse gestures) 
* Personal center _ lower right corner of split-screen button is grayed 
* Tab bar _ Close the current tab settings after switching to recently viewed label, the label activation error 
* When the label tab bar _ more than the number button to hide the background tab, click on any tab to activate the label will be displayed over the close button 
* New Tab page Hide _ a new browser tab search box appears on your desktop 
* After the split screen split screen _ Open verification link, and then cancel the split screen, a new tab show abnormalities 
_ * Tab bar tab bar at the site by double-clicking on the label, is to restore the window instead of closing tag 
* Sidebar microblogging _ split-screen mode is activated sidebar Weibo login, click on the text box login screen immediately disappear 
* Address bar _ address bar content When selected, right-click, select the state disappears 
* F4 shortcut appears, a blank paragraph below the address bar 
* Two labels fill the entire tab bar 
* Under split-screen mode, the new label plus sign disappears 
* Tab bar _ shortcuts F2, F3 to switch labels can not be cut New Tab page 
* New Tab page website link into the address bar is no small bee
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why does a member/user have to find and post this - its been on a pirate site most of the day and on the chinese forum even longer - this place is becoming second class - it begs the question -what is going on here?

Tony     -  Vivaldi 4 on Windows 10 64Bit
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Mx5. 0 The worst DESIGN for Android I hate it, I prefer Mx4 Design and why I was hate of other Webbrowsers for Android because of Max4. 0 had User interface differ them but now Mx5.0 has UI like them too so i hate Mx5. 0 for Android too 

furthermore it constantly exits  auto unwanted No supports Favourites suync like Max4. 0 I have not any access to my favorites at all too

Also Mx5 no any supports  Native languages too, what a pity for all suffering for translation Maxthon 4.0 for Android!!!! 

Totally can say Mx 5.0 is not user friendly like Mx4. 0 thought it has new features but I was preferring Mx4. 0 design UI

The best UI designed for Android browsers is being seen only on at first opera second in Mx4 third in chrome fourth in firefox 

The worst UI designed for Android browsers is being seen on Cm browser Uc browser Mx5 and others

I am fan of Mainmenu UI in opera, bookmarks in chrome, last session in chrome and opera, last session in max4 not worked at all and i am fan of speeddial in mx4 ofcourse i prefer opera speeddial max4 speeddial has bugs, access Favourites in mx4 is not working for who like me have too folders too

Also in Mx5 can not access memory card in download save path in settings 

After installation Mx5.0 it upgrades Mx4 and this is bad news for those who like me prefer have both Max4 and 5 on device too

I love Mx5.0 speeddial it has page number like in windows  

In one word Android Mx5.0 is Garbage browser, ofcourse All we know Mx5.0 for windows is the best top 1

uninstalled it

Android 4.4.2 kitkat

SM-P601 2014  



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My intention was to provide a service to the western forum whose participants called for the changelog and download for MX5.
  As the Chinese forum that is in the public domain only did democratize information. It seems that the channels of communication between the leaders of both forums are clogged.

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53 minutes ago, DomCas said:

My intention was to provide a service to the western forum whose participants called for the changelog and download for MX5.
  As the Chinese forum that is in the public domain only did democratize information. It seems that the channels of communication between the leaders of both forums are clogged.

google translate ( chinese/english) is OFF most of the time


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