What‘s the VIP privilege deadline?How can I upgrade VIP level

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On 6/17/2016 at 9:14 AM, BugSir005 said:

Currently, you can get your VIP status and it will be valid for at least 1 year. After that, you can upgrade to any VIP status to your preference but, it will not be as easy as registering now. 

Does this mean users who preregistered for the alpha test will be locked into the level of VIP3, VIP2, or VIP1 for the first year?  What if they want more (or fewer) privileges?

Assuming these levels can indeed be purchased with money (as the values seem to indicate), then why can't a user pay more and attain a higher level of privileges?

If not, is that because we'll be in an alpha/beta phase?  Are the levels, at this point, just testing of how different levels might work in the final release?

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1 hour ago, joemax said:

I remember some time back when a young company offered free email, all you needed was an invitation. People called it marketing. Maybe we're all asking too many questions.

yes but isn't it part of the game ? when you promise children a suprise giving no or few details, children keep asking questions, because they're impatient... and if they don't you're disappointed :)


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