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  1. Hello, What's version did you use? As for your issues, did you mean you can't open the second address? It can't be opened by others browsers also, could you give us more details of your question? Thank you for your support!
  2. Your link isn't right, Anna's is correct, in our help page, http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/help-page/ ,you missed the tabs in the end of this page,
  3. Give more. Get more. To upgrade from VIP2 to VIP3, we’re going to ask a little bit more from you. Method 1: Referral Invite your friends to join MX5, and for 10 friends who install MX5. We’ll upgrade you from VIP2 to VIP3. Once it’s done, simply send us your UID and your 10 friends’ UIDs via email (market@maxthon.com) or private message us on Facebook, and after confirmation, we’ll implement the upgrade ASAP. The screenshots here can help your friends find their UIDs. Methond 2: Blog Review If you run a blog, why not share MX5 with your readers!
  4. Method 1: Referral Invite your friends to join MX5, and for 5 friends who install MX5, we’ll upgrade you from VIP1 to VIP2. Once it’s done, simply send us your UID and your 5 friends’ UIDs via email (market@maxthon.com) or private message us on Facebook, and after confirmation, we’ll implement the upgrade ASAP. Those screenshots here can help your friends find their UIDs. Method 2: Review Recommend MX5 to your friends. To get a VIP level upgrade, a dedicated review of MX5 works too. Step1. Select at least 2 features of MX5 from below: Infobox ;
  5. Hi all, For those who missed our MX5 pre-registration campaign, there’s still a chance to upgrade to VIP1. Take a look here. Method 1: Referral Invite your friends to join MX5, and for 3 friends who install MX5 we’ll upgrade you from Common User to VIP1. Once it’s done, simply send us your UID and your 3 friends’ UIDs via email (market@maxthon.com) or private message us on Facebook. After confirmation, we’ll implement the upgrade ASAP. These screenshots here can help your friends find their UIDs. Method 2: Review Earn VIP1 status by
  6. Today, we are happy to announce the official VIP Upgrade Program for MX5. First and foremost, the upgrade is free. All you need to do is introducing MX5 to your friends or writing some review for MX5, telling us and your friends how you think of MX5. So here it is. Take a look at the menu on the left and find the upgrade plan for your current VIP level. (One thing to remind you though is that this VIP Upgrade Program is only going to stay valid until 31st Sep, 2016. So seize the opportunity. Go and upgrade your account now.)
  7. Now it’s time to unveil what VIP stands for to you today. We truly thank you for all your patience along the way.
  8. Hi everyone, Welcome to the Maxthon Community, where users and fans of Maxthon all around the world gather to discuss and share. Despite the rather big user volume, our community has been running amazingly well, thanks to our previous and current moderators. Cheers for them! But as you know, we just officially launched our brand new product MX5, and we’ve been seeing quite an inflow of new members, bringing much more pressure to our current moderators. More than that, in our existing moderator management, accountability is not very well defined, which wouldn't fit this community.
  9. Hi Maxers, We want you to keep the discussions in this forum relatively organized so please keep the following recommendations in mind when contributing to the forums: We are sincerely thankful for your support and interest to Maxthon Browser. Welcome to Maxthon’s forum. 1. Use SEARCH first Many of the questions in the forums have been posted several times before. So, considering checking to see if anyone else has asked a similar question before you post one might solve the problem more efficient. You can easily use the search box on the right corner of the forum. 2. No Sp
  10. Q:How to conduct quick locate? A:1. Shortcuts : For those most frequent used content pin to Shortcut bar! You could set a website, a note, or a whole folder to Shortcut bar to realize quick locate. After that, open your personal center-Infobox, Shortcuts show in the left column to ease your quick locate. Open your Maxthon browser, the Shortcut bar shows the Maxnote's shortcuts immediately. By the way, the above two places can be dragged to change sequence! 2.Search: Want to find out a record? You can use search records to searc
  11. Q:What else could we do without network connection, such as on subways and trains? A:1. Read anywhere: On your computer, all the records synced are at your hand for offline reading. On mobile devices, the full record content is available if you have recently viewed the record. 2.Record and Edit anytime: Except for reading, you can also edit and write down your thoughts and sudden inspirations!
  12. Q:How many platforms do we support? What kind of content can we sync? A:Right now, we already support Windows-PC, Web, iOS and Android for mobile. More versions are to be released in near future. We sync all your Maxnote records, folder structure, shortcuts and trash data. We also provide more stable and professional solutions to ensure your data safe and intact.
  13. Rich collection types Everyday when you surf the internet, search for information and working materials, how many times that you wish to forever collect all the news, fancy pictures, and professional blogs? Just collect a single link is far from enough! Particularly when someday the link turns out to be dead , pictures in pages all fade out with nothing but xx.... left. Infobox, hopes to solve this problem for you completely! 1.Bookmark:Still can collect by fast archiving and pinning to Shortcut bar. 2.Web Content:
  14. MX5, upgrades your browser to information assistant now! Here it is! After over 1 year's development, we are honored and excited to share MX5 with you today. Your continuous support over the past 13 years is the reason we’ve gone this far. It’s a brand new browser, with brand new cores and design. Ever since MyIE2, to Maxthon Cloud Browser, you’ve always been with us on this journey of revolution and innovation. To salute you, a minority group that doesn’t follow, we present the all new MX5, a personal browser built just for you. Modernization in look, evolution at heart. With
  15. BugSir005


    'Favorites' upgraded to 'Maxnote'! Let's have a look at the new features: Here is the homepage for Maxnote. Maxnote: "Never miss anything!" You can collect everything, read anywhere, record anytime. Your advice and suggestions will be highly appreciated!
  16. 来自傲游开发团队的问候 用我十二年专精,换你十二年专情 傲游开发团队自04年起专注于浏览器技术研发和功能的拓展。 不靠那些花花渠道,只有扎实的使用体验,靠大家口口相传。 也曾和大家一起,创造了4亿用户的神话。 现在,全新内核、全新设计的,颠覆传统浏览器的傲游5来了。 曾经和傲游团队一起经历了变革IE、变革内核和傲游云数据解决方案的死忠们, 准备好了再来一次颠覆吗? 让我看到你们的双手! 跪求你们试试傲游5吧! 你们一直是这样有品位的少数派,因为你们不随大流。 外表波澜不惊,内里天翻地覆 全新内核和以往完全不同,从底层进行了重新的优化。 为大家带来了新的标签页,更稳定的智能切换内核支持。 大家喜欢的分屏、截屏、嗅探等等,我们都有保留。 大家可以随意去设置定制,哪个用哪个不用,你们说了算~ 收藏和记事本全新升级为收藏宝 在线收藏是老用户们最喜欢的功能,记事本也是真爱。 虽然我们早就被抄的七七八八......现在全新整理
  17. 1、问:怎样快速定位? 答:1.1. 快捷访问:快速打开经常访问的内容 您可以将网址记录、笔记记录或者某个文件夹整体设置为快捷访问,实现快速定位、快速访问; 设置成功后,打开您的傲游个人中心-收藏宝,左侧目录栏将出现快捷访问目录,方便您在收藏宝内快速定位; 打开您的傲游浏览器,快捷栏内将同步显示您的收藏宝快捷访问目录; 对了,上述两个地方都可以随意拖动调整顺序哦! 1.2. 全记录搜索:搜索某条记录 您可以使用全部记录搜索,通过关键词全文检索相关记录; 2、问:怎样一键设置快捷访问? 答:2.1. 每条记录的详情区右上角-点击桃心,即可设置或取消快捷访问。 2.2.全部文件夹目录,如图这里也可将某个文件夹整体添加到快捷栏 2.3.采集各类网页资料时,如图这里,也可同时将新记录添加到快捷栏;
  18. 问:地铁上、火车上...网络信号不稳定时,我们还可以做什么呢? 答:a. 打开电脑或者手机,我们可以随意阅读已离线的全部记录: b、除了阅读之外,您还可以随意编辑、记录下你的思考,又或者记录下来那突然降临的灵感!
  19. 问:我们支持哪些平台?同步哪些内容? 答:目前已支持windows-pc版本、web网页版本、移动ios版本、移动android版本,后续将支持更多系统版本; 我们将为您同步您的全部收藏宝记录、文件夹结构、快捷访问和回收站数据; 并将以更稳定、更专业的技术方案保障您的数据安全和完整性;
  20. 收藏类型丰富多样 平日里在网上冲浪、刷新网页资讯、搜索工作学习资料,多少渴望永久收藏的新闻资讯、美图美文、专业知识、行业博文等等等等,只收藏网址?远远不够! 特别是某天再次打开查看时,它已变成了死链。。。或者关键的行业报告里只剩下了文字,报表图片显示为xx。。。 收藏宝,希望彻底解决掉这个你一直以来在忍受的伤痛!! 1、网址:依然可以随意收藏,同时还能快速归档、标记为快捷 2、网页正文:帮你去除广告等无效信息,只留下精华内容 3、网页截屏:随意剪裁,精致标注 4、随意选取内容:拖拖鼠标,一切尽在掌握 先选取,后右键,也能一键添加到收藏宝 5、整个网页快照:完整记录网页全部信息, 快照下来每个细节,每个惊喜
  21. 号外号外 “收藏夹” 华丽升级为 “收藏宝” 啦!! 先来说说升级后的变化! 这里,就是“收藏宝”的新巢~~ 在这里,你可以随心收藏、随处阅读、随时记录,永远不错过! 除了上面的种种特点,其实收藏宝里还有更多彩蛋等你发现~~ 最后想说,今天的收藏宝还是个baby,您的任何意见都将是我们滴宝贵财富!
  22. Q、密码大师的加密方式是什么? A、密码大师在数据储存和网络传输的过程中使用了包括aes256技术在内的多重加密和多重验证技术,确保密码信息的安全。 Q、我保存的密码会不会丢失? A、你保存的信息会在加密后同步到傲游的云端,更换设备也不会影响。 Q、傲游账户密码被盗怎么办? A、发现密码被盗,请立即更换更复杂的密码。通过“设备查看记录”可清晰的看到每次设备查看情况,陌生登录信息一目了然。 Q、能否通过破译本地文件查看我的密码? A、本地数据有两层加密,一层是数据库加密,另一层是对信息内容使用aes256技术加密,被破译的可能性极低。 Q、傲游服务器被攻破了怎么办? A、云端储存的是使用aes256技术二次加密后的数据,不仅傲游内部员工看不到,黑客也很难破解。
  23. 你是否意识到,你最常用的密码已经不安全了! 对很多人来说,使用一个或几个通用的密码在各个网站注册账号是个常见的现象,一旦某个网站数据被黑,或者某个网站干脆明文储存,这时你的密码在黑客或网站管理员眼里就是公开的。 对此,我们在口碑功能“智能填表”的基础上,创新的推出了“密码生成器”。当你注册新账号准备填写密码的时候,我们会生成一个足够强壮的随机密码,并为你保存到密码大师里。当你需要用到这个密码的时候,打开“自动保存的密码”即可,既免除的记忆的负担,又足够的安全。 在修改密码或其他场景,你也可以通过右键菜单打开密码生成器,为你生成全新的密码。
  24. 分别在“账号信息”和“私密信息”栏目内点击“添加”按钮,会出现不同的添加界面: “账号信息”支持输入标题、账号和密码,方便记录各个网站、app的用户名和密码; “私密信息”支持输入标题和内容,内容字段不限制格式,可以输入银行信息、身份信息、密保信息等等较隐私的内容。