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Hello :)


I recently bought a new laptop because my old one stopped working completely and I have no access to it.

I was looking for ways to get my history working online. it seems that the only online history I have is the one on this current (new) laptop.

there were a few things I forgot to bookmark on that very day which it stopped working, so I basically lost them and can't really get them back unless the web history would show them which is not exactly the case.

I would had posted here sooner, however I was trying to find a way to retrieve the lost links but no luck. 

I attached a screenshot to give you an example of what I mean.

if it were ever possible to obtain the links I lost, it would be really great. 

thank you so much :D 


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22 hours ago, BugMiss006 said:

Hi, Sue. This function only save recent 7 days history now... because it's only in beta, I will improve it in the future~

I see..... I was hoping to be able to retrieve the links. it's ok though. I look forward to the improvements however. :)

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