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  1. I'm using Chrome at the moment for things like FB and such. used Opera before. I hope they do get their stuff together soon, since I happen to like Maxthon. and I hope they add online history that is more than a few days, since I lost links in the past due to it; pc stopped working, had to get a new one and forgot to bookmark the things on the old pc before it stopped working so I lost those things. oh well... I just hope they are in fact working on fixing these current issues. until then, Chrome it is...
  2. videos don't load very well for me actually. I do believe it is a flash problem, however, updating and replacing does absolutely nothing.
  3. so, I noticed I am not the only one having this problem: http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/topic/20245-facebook-photos-not-uploading/#comment-105170 I have actually tried those suggestions on that post, and nothing changed. thought I would add that, in case someone suggests me to try them.
  4. so.... a little more testing, it seems it is not only FB but also Mega.nz I cannot access the cloud drive section where my uploads are. I will keep reporting anything else I find.
  5. Maxthon is the latest version (it's up to date) I have Windows 10.
  6. when trying to click on ADD PHOTO it does not do anything. I tried another browser and it's fine. so it's a browser bug. was wondering if there's a way to fix it? thank you!!