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1 hour ago, Simbiat said:

Is it me or does not show most of favicons? Favicons update in Favorites does not work, too (does not download a thing).

Also, I still do not get the konachan.com/posts picture on quick access 

It's not just you! It has been reported by me on internal forum couple months ago. And guess what - nothing happened :mad: Several other mods also confirmed this issue. But we don't hear nothing helpful from devs so far...

The same with broken thumbs in this new QA. The old one works far better...



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favicons are now working for me in the latest build - i have done nothing but update - there was a feeling that it was a regional thing as those in the US seem to have had less problems than other parts of the world - so maybe a routing issue

Tony     -  Vivaldi 4 on Windows 10 64Bit
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15 hours ago, 7twenty said:

Working fine here?

What is showing on yours?



can't show now, since I replace the page, and when I tried to use the old link again... I learned, my ISP has just blocked the site entirely. But it was showing the Maxthon's page about connection error or something.


Also, favicons still do not work for me. I am on RC, using my account. Clean install was used

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