my skynotes lost


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Hmmmm.  I'm not sure if I can help, but here are a couple of ideas:

The syncstore.dat database might be corrupted.

When you attempt to launch SkyNote, do you see a dialogue box like this?


If so, your notes may be O.K. but the database indexing them could be corrupt.  I've had that happen once or twice, and reinstalling Maxthon over the existing install and restarting the browser fixed the issue.

You might be logged into the wrong account.

That may sound silly, but I've seen it happen to even experienced Maxthon users who haven't made a lot of tweaks to the browser interface.  If you normally log in under one account, it's possible you could have accidentally been logged out and are looking at the guest/shared account instead of your user account.  If that's the, just log back in from the Maxthon button in the upper left, and you should see your SkyNote notes safe and sound.

(It's a long shot, but it's worth mentioning.)

The notes themselves may be corrupted.

As you can see from the screenshot above, your SkyNote notes are saved in the path:


... where %yourappdatafolder% is usually C:\Users\(your Windows user name)\AppData and is the e-mail address you registered your Maxthon account under.

Navigate to that folder and see if the notes are still there.  They'll have odd, encrypted names, and the contents will be encrypted, so you won't be able to read them outside of your Maxthon account — but if they're there, try this:  Close Maxthon, then move the contents of that folder out of the folder, to someplace safe.  Restart Maxthon with that folder empty, open SkyNote, and hit the "Synchronize" button.  This may sync the notes from the Maxthon Cloud down to your browser.  (It's possible the local files were corrupt but the ones on the cloud are still O.K.  Not likely, but it's another long shot worth trying.)

You may have a backup somewhere on your local computer — or on another computer where you've used Maxthon.

Now that you know where the SkyNote notes are stored, try scouring your computer (or other computers you've logged in from) for that folder.  You may be able to find the files there — perhaps as part of a system backup you made and forgot about or perhaps on someone else's computer where you haven't logged into Maxthon in a while.

If you do find a backup, before you move those backup files into Maxthon, make sure you make copies of them!  If you bring them into Maxthon and open the browser, it's always possible that the notes from the cloud are still there and corrupt, and they may wreck your backups.  At least, if you have copies of those other files, you may be able to try different techniques (like doing a complete reinstall of Maxthon and moving the backups into the appdata folder before launching it for the first time).

When I lost my SkyNote notes last year, I had to log into my Maxthon account, exit Maxthon, disconnect the internet, restore from an old backup I had, and launch Maxthon with the internet connection disabled.  I was then able to export my old SkyNotes as text files, turn the internet back on (whereupon the corrupt notes from the cloud synced down and overwrote the backups I'd restored), and re-import my text-file notes back into Maxthon, overwriting the corrupted versions that had been saved on the cloud.:twisted:

Those are the only tricks I can think of, but hopefully something in there will help.  Good luck!

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