We need your help to verify if you country can support "Connect to Phone" function

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Hi Maxthons,

Hope you are all doing fine.

As you know Maxthon supports connecting your phone number to your Maxthon account . However, some countries are not displayed in the list of countries displayed in Connect to Phone page.

Actually, before we add any particular country we need to make sure that Maxthon users from that country can receive message sent to them from Maxthon.

Since we have been receiving requests from different users to add their countries to the supported countries list, and we are willing to add as many countries as possible, we would like you guys to help us by providing us with your phone number and Maxthon account to test whether you can receive our test message .

We will send you a shot test message and all you will do is just to reply to us after you have received the message:)

You can send us your Phone number, your Maxthon UID and your Country Name at help@maxthon.com or PM me via the forum.

We hope to see more countries supported.

Thanks for your continuous support.

Have a nice day:)



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