still does not solve certificate list issue


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The latest beta still does not solve the certificate list problem, which was introduced a long time ago in Ultra mode. It was reported by me, but the report died in vain.

When opening a site that requests certificate authentication in Ultra mode, the list of the certificates that is presented is not filtered as it should be and it presents also Intermediate and Root certificates, which is wrong. This is not an issue with the Core, as Chrome does not have this problem and it exists it every Maxthon 4 version (not sure when it was introduced, but this bug was reported in August 2012). In version this bug featured a new double-selection option with both Ultra and Retro mode dialogs for certificate selection at the same time.

In the attached image you may see the correct display in Retro mode and in Chrome to the left and the Ultra mode display to the right. All Intermediate and Root certificates should be hidden from this dialog.


Maxthon Double Certificate Selection Bug 2014-07-22.png

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You can use any site, which requires a client certificate. However, here are the ones that I usually provide here:


https://e-fibank.bg/EBank/ (you may change the language in the top right corner if needed)



You may try using both Ultra and Retro mode.

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