Login with Facebook or Twitter doesn't work

Dev CZ

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Login to Maxthon Passport with Facebook or Twitter doesn't work. Reported on Maxthon CZ Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Maxthon.CZ/posts/738378532940965


Facebook error code: {"code":300,"message": "get oauthfacebook key error","data":""}

Twitter error code: {"code":300,"message": "get oauthTwitter key error","data":""}



v4.4.7.1000 and v4.4.7.2000

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Will be fixed this bug?

It is a problem you are having not one I am experiencing. I can login with both Twitter and Facebook.



Edit: Having said this, only one of my accounts is showing up when I try to login and it is the only one I have associated with Maxthon Passport. How many accounts do you show as connected when you click on account from the menu?(See the third image)




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